“Propaganda sistemelor politice de tip capitalist, pseudo democratic, occidental se va accentua și mai mult. Pare de necrezut, dar să nu uităm că așa a cucerit lumea religia lui Iisus care a promis oamenilor viață veșnică și nemurire, iar ei au trecut în masă la creștinism. Mașina propagandei occidentale a atins un asemenea nivel de perfecționare că a devenit religie … orbește oamenii și va sfârși prin a acapara întreaga planetă cu un mesaj demagogic extrem de simplu: ”vă oferim libertate și democrație”. Dar ea oferă tot atâta libertate și democrație, câtă viață după moarte oferea creștinismul. Și cu acest slogan simplu propaganda occidentală cucerește lumea. Asta, desigur, dacă Răsăritul nu va reuși să anihileze mașina de propagandă occidentală printr-o contrapropagandă.”

“The propaganda of capitalist, pseudo-democratic, Western political systems will be further accentuated. It seems unbelievable, but let’s not forget that this is how the world of Jesus conquered the world, promising people eternal life and immortality, and they converted en masse to Christianity. The Western propaganda machine has reached such a level of refinement that it has become a religion … blind people and will end up capturing the entire planet with an extremely simple demagogic message: “We offer you freedom and democracy.” But it offers as much freedom and democracy as life after death offered Christianity. And with this simple slogan, Western propaganda conquers the world. That, of course, if the East fails to annihilate the Western propaganda machine through counter-propaganda.”

FRANCE – Tear gas flies at unauthorised rally against police brutality in Paris

FRANCE – Protesters hold unauthorised rally against police brutality in Paris

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UK – Tensions rise as nationalist protesters in London meet counter demo

LEBANON – Streets on fire as people protest currency collapse and bad economic conditions

HONG KONG – Hundreds sing “Glory to Hong Kong” marking protest anniversary

NETHERLANDS – Thousands rally in Nelson Mandela Park as BLM protests continue

LEBANON – Hundreds of anti-govt protesters hit streets of Beirut

UK – Heavy police presence as anti-racism protesters rally in London

USA – Police chase BLM protesters away with flashbangs in Portland

BRASIL – Crowds march against racism and Bolsonaro in Sao Paulo

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